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Call Tracking

Private Investigator Marketing & Call Tracking

When implementing our private investigator marketing tools, we provide a tracking phone number for your company. This number is what will appear on your website, PPC private investigator ads, and Google My Business account, and it allows us to track if clicks are turning into leads. When someone calls the tracking number, we are able to obtain the caller’s phone number, when they called, and record the entire call. This allows our private investigator marketing team to go back to listen to the calls, and mark them as leads, call backs, or the tag that matches the call the best.

When setting up your call tracking account, we are able to program the calls to go to the number you prefer, and we can choose a tracking number that matches your local area code. This way, your potential customers don’t realize the phone number is a tracking number. We do however, program your tracking call to have a whisper message at the start of the call for you and the customer. This way you know in advance if you are receiving a call that was generated from our private investigator marketing services, and the customer knows their call is being recorded.

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Watch Your Private Investigator Leads Rise!

Not only does our private investigator marketing team have access to your call tracking, but we also provide a login for you. This is part of our transparent reporting that we offer our clients, and you are able to see for yourself that private investigator leads are coming in! This transparent reporting allows you to understand which private investigator marketing tools are working for your business. If you are ever in doubt, the mobile app for call tracking allows you to see a real-time call log. You can get to the bottom of the reason you aren’t receiving calls, whether it’s on our end or your end. Data from phone conversations, along with transparent online reporting, just a couple of reasons Private iSEO is the company you should choose for your private investigator marketing!

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