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Private Investigator

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investigation marketing groupWelcome to Private iSEO, a division of Fleek Consulting, where we specialize in increasing your PI firms web presence. When working with us, we will audit, optimize, and rank your company so that you are in the direct spotlight of your target market. We’ve worked with small and large PI firms, and have seen growth for both types after using our private investigator marketing services. As the leading company for private investigator advertisement, we strongly believe in the way we do things. So much that we even provide you with insight on our methods and marketing tips for private investigators.

Private iSEO is a team of highly qualified experts in SEO services, PPC private investigator advertisement, and so much more! Our years of experience with Fleek Consulting, and our experience working with PI firms, makes us the leading company for private investigator marketing services. Our knowledgeable and honest team will provide you with an audit to inform you on what areas you’re lacking in, what service(s) you can benefit from, and how private investigator marketing can change your PI firm for the better! Call us today, or fill out the form, to receive a free digital audit and start the journey of boosting your web presence.

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Our Services

SEO Investigator marketing

SEO Services

Our private investigator SEO team starts by giving you a detailed SEO analysis, followed by multiple SEO tactics, such as top keywords scattered throughout your website, to get your website ranked at the top of search engine result pages. This helps put you in front of your target audience, which then increases your click to call ratio!

PPC Private Investigator Advertising

PPC Management

Consistency, appealing and professional landing pages, and clear messages are all things our private investigator advertisement specialist believes to be the most important aspects of PPC campaigns. PPC private investigator advertisement is a great way to gain traffic quickly, and is a great compliment to our long-term SEO service investment.

Private Investigator Website Design

Website Design

As the leading private investigator marketing company, we build websites that will help boost your web presence, leave a lasting impression on visitors, and help convert those visitors to customers. Whether you are needing a website rebuild, or a website built from scratch, we have the experience and knowledge to help!

Call Tracking Marketing Tips for Private Investigators

Call Tracking Reporting

Call tracking reporting services allow you to see where your calls are coming from, which private investigator marketing platforms are working, and which phone calls are leads. With our transparent reporting system, and the recorded calls, you are able to see for yourself exactly what clicks are turning into!

"… We started to get a number of referrals on a weekly basis. It’s turned into an estimated $100,000/year in increased revenue, we’ve hired 7 additional employees, opened a new corporate office, and opened an office in a new market in late 2018… We haven’t had any false promises made to us, everything they claimed to be able to do they’ve done and done well. Watch Jeremy’s private investigators advertisement testimonial here!"

-Jeremy W.

"… They focused on Private investigative Services, they were a better price, and want to help you succeed. I know and truly believe they want to help us here succeed… Our cliental has increased by 90% over the course of several months. Allowing room for additional employees. Honestly, without Fleek, we would not be in business today. Watch Dustin’s Private Investigator Marketing testimonial here!"

-Dustin H.

"I've used other SEO companies in the past and I don't know where or what my money did. With Fleek, every 1 to 2 weeks, I get an update on how my website is performing. When they discover a weakness, they immediately address it and turn it into a strength. Iv'e been contacted by many of the national companies and have listened to sales pitches I knew could not be backed up. Fleek gave me realistic expectations and goals from the beginning. Five months ago, I couldn't find myself in a google search. Now, I'm on the first page. I could not ask for a better web partner."

-Geoffry D.

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If you are looking to boost your web presence, receive exclusive private investigator leads, and have clear reporting for how your website is performing, Private iSEO is the company for you! We are here to provide you with custom online private investigator advertisement tools and solutions, no matter the size of your PI firm. Our private investigator marketing team wants nothing more than to provide you with excellent service, and to watch your firm’s web presence scale. If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to get started with a FREE digital audit, fill out our contact form or call today!